The publication of articles with high scientific and methodological accuracy is only possible with a thorough review process. Being a reviewer of Gazeta Médica represents, on one hand, the responsibility of maintaining the journal's quality standards and, on the other, an important individual recognition with regard to its scientific activity.


What are the benefits of being a reviewer?


Peer review is a demanding process and is widely recognized by the scientific community. To materialize this recognition, Gazeta Médica is part of the ReviewerCredits network which aims to certify, measure and reward your activity as a reviewer, valuing your resume.

How do ReviewerCredits work?

Whenever you register a review on the platform, you are assigned Reviewer Credits that you can convert into several benefits (available here). An internationally recognized certificate will also be issued that attests to your activities as a reviewer.

You can register in the platform here. We recommend that you submit all your reviews (the platform accepts jobs from the last 2 years) and see here how you can convert your credits.