Non-Ischemic Blue Finger: Rare and Benign Case Dedo Azul Não-Isquémico: Caso Raro e Benigno

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Pedro Manuel Barreira - Corresponding Author

R. Rio das Grades 19A, 2645-079 Alcabideche, Portugal

André Melicia
João Gago
Andreia Fernandes


The spontaneous non-ischemic blue finger consists of the sudden onset of isolated digital violaceous discoloration, with no other associated symptoms and rapid and spontaneous resolution. It is a rare and benign phenomenon and represents a diagnosis of exclusion. Thus, it is important to make the differential diagnosis with other more frequent aetiologies, such as thrombotic and ischemic events, or autoimmune pathology. We describe the case of an 83-year-old woman who sought her primary care doctor due to a sudden onset of a painless tumefaction and blueish discoloration of the third finger of her right hand, sparing the distal extremity. The analytical evaluation for thrombophilia and autoimmunity was negative, as was the imaging investigation for ischemia or trauma. The patient was re-evaluated seven days later, showing complete resolution of the condition. This case assumes importance due to its similarity with potentially more serious prognostic pathologies.

Keywords: Fingers; Ischemia; Pigmentation Disorders

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Barreira PM, Melicia A, Gago J, Fernandes A. Non-Ischemic Blue Finger: Rare and Benign Case: Dedo Azul Não-Isquémico: Caso Raro e Benigno. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2019 Sep. 30 [cited 2024 Jul. 22];6(3). Available from:

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