Difficulties in the Diagnosis of Giant Abdominopelvic Masses in Women

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José Silva Pereira
Amélia Oliveira Pedro - Corresponding Author

Amélia Oliveira Pedro [amelia.pedro@cuf.pt]
Hospital CUF Sintra, Av. Raul Solnado 8 e 8A, 2710-204 Sintra, Portugal
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6415-1890


Massive abdominopelvic masses usually arise from the female reproductive organs. However, these masses may also arise from the gastrointestinal system, urinary system, adjacent soft tissues, peritoneum, retroperitoneum or be metastatic. Differential diagnosis is very important in these huge masses and imaging techniques are usually the best method of assessing, but in some cases, they cannot provide conclusive results and a definitive diagnosis is only achieved after surgical resection.
We present three cases of giant abdominopelvic tumors with different etiologies and outcomes. We intend to highlight the importance of early detection, preoperative evaluation, and subsequent surgical management with a multidisciplinary approach to decrease pre and postoperative complications and to improve the quality of live.

Keywords: Abdominal Neoplasms/diagnostic imaging; Diagnosis, Differential; Female; Krukenberg Tumor; Pelvic Neoplasms/diagnostic imaging

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Silva Pereira J, Oliveira Pedro A. Difficulties in the Diagnosis of Giant Abdominopelvic Masses in Women. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2021 Dec. 3 [cited 2022 Jan. 21];8(4). Available from: https://gazetamedica.pt/index.php/gazeta/article/view/424