Contraceptive Methods and Female Sexual Function: A Literature Review

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Ana Frois - Corresponding Author

Ana Teresa Fróis []


Contraceptives can affect libido, and method choice should consider possible effects on female sexual function. This review aims at identifying the role of different contraceptive methods on female sexual function, thus allowing for better clinical counseling. This review, performed in August/2022, included 13 reviews and 32 clinical trials. The levonorgestrel intrauterine system, vaginal ring, and transdermal patch showed mainly positive or neutral effects. The subcutaneous implant and combined oral contraceptives led to mixed results. The progestogen-only oral contraceptive and the DMPA intramuscular injection were associated with mainly negative sexual effects. The copper uterine device had no impact on female sexual function. Sterilization had mixed psychological effects. Adequate counseling, replacement of the contraceptive method, and, in specific cases, pharmacologic treatment may improve contraceptive-associated female sexual dysfunction. More large-scale studies are needed to allow for specific recommendations regarding each contraceptive method and the production of clinical guidelines for these situations.

Keywords: Contraceptive Agents; Sexual Dysfunction, Physiological

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Frois A. Contraceptive Methods and Female Sexual Function: A Literature Review. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 29 [cited 2024 Jul. 22];10(4):282-93. Available from:

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