When the Legs Speak: A Case Report

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Mariana Ribeiro - Corresponding Author

Mariana Ribeiro [marianasrho@gmail.com]

Ana Camões


Peripheral neuropathy is a vast entity that encompasses several differential diagnoses, namely meralgia paresthetica, which reflects a lesion of the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve. In this article, the authors describe a case of meralgia paresthetica addressed in the primary healthcare. This case highlights the importance of knowing this entity for a timely diagnosis and, consequently, reduction of the patients’ suffering.

Keywords: Femoral Neuropathy; Nerve Compression Syndromes; Primary Health Care

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Ribeiro M, Camões A. When the Legs Speak: A Case Report. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 29 [cited 2024 Jul. 22];10(4):331-4. Available from: https://gazetamedica.pt/index.php/gazeta/article/view/757