Internal Medicine in Orthopedics: An Experience Report A Medicina Interna na Ortopedia: Relato de uma Experiência

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Isabel Silva - Corresponding Author
Maria João Silva
Alexandre Carvalho
Paulo Cibrão Coutinho
Rui Duarte
Paulo Fragoso
Manuel Vieira da Silva
António Oliveira e Silva


INTRODUCTION: The increasing aging population and the necessary management of increasingly complex patients with multiple comorbidities in a society where the results are measured in terms of cost-effectiveness, health services must focus on multidisciplinary team work.
METHODS:This article presents a brief sample of three months of daily direct work between orthopedic surgeons and internists, based on a provision of integrated care to hospitalized patients for orthopedic causes but who need management of comorbidities or significant pathological conditions. The authors also address the proximal fractures of femur protocol created by an interdisciplinary working team sense to provide better care to an orthopedic condition associated with considerable morbidity and mortality.
RESULTS: In most cases patients were hospitalized in traumatic context and underwent surgery. The authors highlight the high age, the diversity of comorbidities, the relevant number of nosocomial infections and the need for multidisciplinary medical management. Most patients required regular monitoring.
CONCLUSION: The perception of patients with high number of comorbidities and other nosological entities alongside the orthopedic problem, stresses the need for a more holistic care, where certainly Internal Medicine can play a key role.

Keywords: Cooperative Behavior; Internal Medicine; Hip Fractures; Orthopedics; Patient Care Team

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Silva I, Silva MJ, Carvalho A, Coutinho PC, Duarte R, Fragoso P, et al. Internal Medicine in Orthopedics: An Experience Report: A Medicina Interna na Ortopedia: Relato de uma Experiência. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2018 Feb. 21 [cited 2024 Jul. 22];3(3). Available from:

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